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Frequently Asked Questions : 6

How do I recover my username and password?

  1. To recover your password, go to and click on the link next to 'RECOVER LOST PASSWORD', or click here to go directly to that page.

  2. Click on the Get A Secret button, and enter your login name, then click Submit. The Secret will be emailed to the contact email address on the account.

    If you have forgotten your login name, please log a support ticket and request that your username and password be sent to the contact email address.

  3. When you have received your Secret, click on the Change Password button to reset your password. After you have reset your password you will be able to log in to your control panel by entering your login and password in the 'Users' section of 'My Account' area on the top of each page. Or go directly to

NOTE: If you no longer have access to the contact email address click here.


protect your online value

Have you considered registering your .com,,, variants of your domain? The deciding factor usually depends on how serious you are about Protecting Your Online Value. Ask yourself whether it would disturb you if a competitor registered these domains? Our easy to use and reliable Web and Email Forwarding services allow you to point as many domains as you want to your website.

search engine benefits

Another benefit of registering multiple domains is the greater probability of being located on Search Engine listings. An interesting fact is that many Search Engines now feature region specific searches. You can perform a generic search, or you can select the 'Search Australia Only' option.

How the search works is simple; an 'Australian Only' search may prioritise addresses that end in '.au'; a 'New Zealand Only' search may prioritise addresses that end in '.nz'. To guarantee your website is listed and accessed by both regions you will need to have both domain names registered.

In contrast to the above, neither the '.au' nor the '.nz' domains will stand a chance of competing against the '.com', or rather the TLD name space, if someone submits a generic search with no regions specified.

If you currently conduct business in other countries, or one day plan to expand then we recommend securing your country specific domains now.


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